The healthcare industry finds itself in an increasingly demanding landscape, facing unprecedented challenges in recent years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a staggering 249% increase in injury and illness rates among U.S. healthcare workers in 2020. Heightened compliance regulations, acute staff shortages, stringent patient privacy protection requirements, and the ever-looming threat of cybersecurity breaches compounded this surge in incidents, placing immense strain on available resources.

In response to these challenges, harnessing the power of an innovative technology system designed specifically for the healthcare environment becomes imperative. The need for innovative solutions has never been more critical. Maxxess Systems addresses these challenges head-on with eFusion, an open and unified physical security platform, meticulously designed for healthcare environments.

Discover how this integrated solution can significantly impact and improve the patient experience:

Unifying Systems for Operational Efficiency

Your hospital’s security team may grapple with the daily challenge of managing hundreds of false alarms, consuming valuable time and resources. By unifying alerts, access control systems, and video feeds into a singular platform, the occurrence of false alarms can be dramatically reduced. This consolidation allows security personnel to redirect their focus toward addressing more critical issues.

Top 4 Ways to Enhance Patient Experience

Beyond the imperative of maintaining workplace and patient safety, a unified system offers actionable insights that positively influence both the internal and external aspects of your healthcare facilities.

1. Parking Lot Management

  • Implement automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) to seamlessly track and manage parking lots and vehicle traffic flow.
  • Ensure staff members park in designated spots, preventing interference with patient parking.
  • Employ ALPR in conjunction with video surveillance to identify unexpected patient drop-offs and investigate any suspicious vehicle activity.

2. Hospital Flow Improvement

  • Streamline the management of nurse call stations and parking policies through a unified interface, utilizing both new and existing video and access control systems.
  • Identify and address foot traffic bottlenecks by unifying security systems, allowing administration to enhance overall traffic flow.

3. Room Occupancy Tracking

  • Utilize in-room camera privacy masking to monitor room usage and availability while respecting patient privacy.
  • Enhance patient throughput by efficiently assigning available rooms to waiting patients.

4. Remote Patient Check-ins

  • Deploy in-room video intercoms for streamlined and efficient routine patient check-ins.
  • Enable nurses and clinicians to interact effectively, visually confirm patient status, and determine care needs—all while minimizing the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Empowering Patients and Staff with eFusion

From comprehensive video surveillance to advanced access control, eFusion from Maxxess Systems empowers healthcare staff to prioritize exemplary patient care. The result is a well-organized, secure, and efficient healthcare environment, simplifying procedures for both staff and patients, ultimately ensuring the highest standards of patient safety. Sign up for a live demo today!