By Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess EMEA | August 26th, 2023

The global travel and tourism sector bore the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the Middle East’s contribution of $270 billion to the region’s GDP facing hurdles due to Western crises. Nonetheless, the sector’s resilience prevailed. As restrictions eased, business travel rebounded, notably highlighted by the Dubai 2020 Expo. New hotels are emerging, including the ambitious Ciel set to be the tallest globally in 2023. The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is also anticipated to reinvigorate travel, benefiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Tech’s Crucial Role

Technological innovation is spearheading the tourism revival, with a focus on health and safety. Amidst this transformation, attentive service remains pivotal, especially in the Middle East, where luxury is the norm. Advanced technology, such as integrating visitor management and access control systems, empowers staff to deliver personalized experiences. The connectivity with databases like Microsoft Directory and property management systems like Oracle’s OPERA facilitates streamlined automation.

Smartphone apps further elevate guest experiences. Secure QR codes grant access to exclusive venues and facilitate health document verification, avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring smooth arrivals and departures. By digitizing tasks, back-office staff can shift their focus to enriching guest interactions, improving overall satisfaction, and complying with health and safety standards.

The automated processes minimize errors, demonstrating security compliance and fulfilling duty of care obligations. These digitized strategies are not limited to luxury hotels; mid-market establishments are also embracing the efficiencies of streamlined guest management, staff deployment, and logistics handling.

A Solution for All

Cutting-edge visitor management solutions enable guests to experience an entirely digital stay. QR codes sent to their phones facilitate virtual check-ins, provide wayfinding assistance, room access, parking details, and access to amenities. This eliminates reception desk queues, enhances management oversight, and automatically suspends guest access upon check-out.

The benefits extend beyond guests. Service providers, couriers, and staff utilize the same system, with their activities meticulously tracked. Hotel managers and staff benefit from smoother onboarding, seamless time and attendance tracking, and designated entry and exit points for accurate working hour records.

Nurturing Future Growth with Technology

The travel industry’s recovery is an ongoing process, requiring global cooperation and vaccination efforts. While challenges persist, the paradigm of travel has irrevocably shifted. Visitor management software’s integration into overarching security solutions contributes to enhanced hygiene measures and guest assurance. Although full recovery may take time, the technology offered by Maxxess positions hotels and hospitality venues to thrive in the post-pandemic landscape.

*As the travel industry evolves, technology empowers Middle East hotels and venues to shape a promising future.*