By Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess EMEA | August 28th, 2023

Global economies are intricately linked, and recent years have spotlighted the importance of smooth logistics. Everyone depends on efficient logistics pathways.

State-of-the-art technology and skilled professionals ensure a consistent flow of goods. But a single hiccup can disrupt the entire process, as seen when the Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal. Current truck driver shortages in Europe further complicate matters, especially as festive demand looms.

Logistics isn’t just about movement; it’s also a potential crime target. Minor thefts, large-scale fraud, and cybersecurity risks pose significant threats. TAPA reported losses of over €2.7 million in cargo thefts across the EMEA region in August 2021 alone.

Smart Access Solutions  

To counter such challenges, we offer an innovative access control solution integrated with visitor management. It’s more efficient than isolated systems. For example, our updated approach to ANPR includes biometric access. Visitors receive a secure QR code via email, allowing touchless entry, and their entire visit is automatically tracked.

This integration offers automation and flexibility. Changes in visitor schedules? Adjustments can be made instantly. This system also adapts swiftly to evolving regulations or security needs.

Centralized Management & Compliance  

In case of updated industry standards or requirements like vaccination details, changes can be executed centrally. This not only saves time but also minimizes human errors. Enhanced security features like facial recognition offer added layers of verification.

Maxxess eFusion offers an all-encompassing access control solution. Its interface is compatible with many surveillance systems, detection systems, and databases like Microsoft Active Directory. It boosts on-site activity control, offering real-time status updates, audit trails, and compliance checks. Through this platform, managers can efficiently handle all site administration tasks and respond to incidents quickly.

The Digital Shift  

Digitizing access enhances security, making it straightforward for authorized personnel and challenging for criminals. Given that vehicle thefts are a prominent concern in logistics, digital tracking of vehicles and drivers offers added security. Maxxess is taking the lead by creating a digitized solution for loading bays, automating the traditionally paper-based driver check-in system.

For businesses to thrive, they need to focus on their core operations without security concerns. Our automated solutions pave the way for a more efficient and secure logistics industry.