As leaders weigh how to best reopen the economy, security solutions will have a significant part to play

As government leaders across the country weigh how best to reopen states and cities in the coming weeks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, health experts agree that, aside from increased virus and antibody testing, businesses will need solutions in place to aid tracking who has contacted COVID-19 and trace those who they may have come into contact with. Though much of the early focus has centered around using things like smartphone apps that can notify individuals that they’ve recently had contact with someone infected by the virus, those types of products will do little to help enterprises and other organizations that will need more comprehensive datasets to ensure employees and customers safety.

Thankfully, many security vendors are looking into how they can leverage their existing solutions or are seeking out complementary technologies to help business address risks related to COVID-19 exposure. One such company is event response management solution provider Maxxess Systems, which recently unveiled a new “Health Risk Management” application for its InSite Response Coordination System.

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