Maxxess Unveils New Health Risk Management System

Yorba Linda, CA (March 31, 2020) – Maxxess Systems, a global leader in event response management and collaboration systems, has announced a new application for the Maxxess InSite Response Coordination System specifically designed to help organizations manage health risks to their staff and visitors. If someone is found to be sick, the system can immediately survey all other employees to determine who might have been in contact with that person for the protection of the other employees. When used with thermal sensors, the system can automatically detect individuals with a fever the instant they try to enter the facility, allowing administrators to coordinate an appropriate response. By using Trusted Messaging and Secure Databases, the InSite software provides authenticated information to help ensure the safety and health of all personnel.

“The Covid-19 pandemic highlights the importance and value of detecting potential health threats and delivering trusted information to authorized personnel as quickly as possible,” said Nancy Islas, President Maxxess Systems. “Our InSite Health Risk Management Application automates and coordinates health and emergency information in alignment with the organization’s policies and procedures. By doing so, InSite reinforces and speeds the response to any health risks. With this new application, organizations will be able to better protect their staff while also speeding up their operational recovery period as people get back to work.”

The new Insite Health Risk Management Application is designed to provide a range of critical health-related functions, including:

  • Distributing information from authenticated sources to avoid the misinformation associated with social media
  • Providing automated risk identification, such as when individuals may have traveled to high-risk areas, report self-isolation, or are detected by thermal cameras
  • Immediately notifying pre-selected Management of the organization’s current health status
  • Providing remote worker management
  • Automating and coordinating the organization’s health policies
  • Ability to add and manage new health sensors seamlessly
  • When extended to health sensors, increasing early detection and ongoing management of health risks

Maxxess Systems currently offers two packages: the Maxxess InSite response coordination system, tailored for health risk management; and the InSite system with an extension to a thermal imaging solution for quick implementation of fever detection. InSite can also be integrated with a wide range of health sensors and other devices to meet the myriad of user’s needs and applications.

By automating the notification and information-gathering functions, the InSite Health Management system eliminates time-wasting tasks while improving the accuracy and speed of the response. For example, the system can track necessary actions and responses automatically, confirming that policies are being followed while highlighting replies not yet received – eliminating wasteful cross-checking and follow-up so that managers can focus on essential tasks during a crisis.

“We must assume that the coronavirus will not be the last time an unplanned health-related event disrupts business operations,” Islas continued. “Right now, many companies are offering thermal cameras to detect staff or visitors with a fever – but the most important consideration is when someone with a fever is detected, what happens next? The new InSite Health Risk Management Application will initiate an appropriate response that is aligned to your policies and this will build confidence and support effectiveness throughout your organization.”

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