Find out how using older gear can improve your security level. Search “hack access control card” online, and you’ll find many tales and tips about the flaws in old 125 KHz access cards and readers. While real-world cloning cases are rare, the risk remains significant.

Why Upgrade Old Access Control Systems?

It’s too easy for someone to tamper with a card reader and steal data for making duplicate cards. Imagine copying your access card at a local store to stash extras everywhere—is that secure? Upgrading with tech that’s secure and future-ready, along with a solid plan, is crucial.

Steps to Enhance Security with Legacy Systems:

  1. Choose Smart Tech: Opt for encrypted 13.56 MHz cards and readers, plus OSDP products, ensuring a secure data path from card to panel. Blend this with top-notch cybersecurity measures.
  2. Start Small: If you’re using outdated systems, don’t rush a full overhaul. Begin by mixing old 125 KHz cards with new 13.56 MHz ones. Then, move to OSDP readers for safer communication. Finally, upgrade to panels that use OSDP.
  3. Plan Your Budget: Upgrades can fit into tight budgets. Aim to make your dollars count, building on each step. Work with skilled security consultants and Maxxess Systems’ professional team for planning and implementation.
  4. Selecting Systems: Pick systems using open-source OSDP tech for easier future updates without replacing hardware.

Support for Older Systems

The weakest link might be your card’s data transmission. Modernizing with Maxxess Systems, especially using eFusion software, enhances protection, securing both people and assets. Neutral security advisors can guide you in choosing the right system upgrades.

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