Choosing the right security solution for your bank in today’s changing landscape poses a challenge. With cybersecurity becoming a top priority and banks focusing more on customer-centric services, merging IT and physical security is crucial. Your financial institution needs a security solution that protects people, assets, and data, boosts daily operations, and offers valuable business insights.

When looking for a new physical security platform, consider these key factors:

1. Unification: Adopt a unified physical security platform for centralized management across all branches through one interface, moving beyond outdated systems.

2. Hardware Flexibility: Choose open architecture for the freedom to pick hardware and software that meets your needs best.

3. Data Protection: Make cybersecurity a priority with built-in features that guard against rising cybercrime.

4. Agility: Allow security teams to use tablets and smartphones to manage devices and access video evidence quickly from anywhere.

5. Situational Awareness: Use a map-based interface to give security teams insights for faster decision-making with geographic context.

6. Risk Mitigation: Choose systems that automate threat levels and respond instantly, with or without human input.

7. Video Investigations: Improve efficiency by letting security teams access all transaction data and branch videos from one place.

8. Data Storage: Opt for cloud or hybrid-cloud systems for limitless storage and enhanced security.

9. Compliance: Pick security software that automates security policies, audits, and compliance reviews to prevent fines and data theft.

10. Access and Occupancy Management: Automate branch access management to boost workflow efficiency, cut down on manual errors, and improve safety.

Modern physical security systems pull data from video surveillance, access control, license plate readers, and identity management. The goal is to choose a unified and open physical security platform that integrates and uses this data for your organization’s benefit.