In the ever-evolving landscape of facility security, implementing an effective access control system remains paramount for ensuring safety, accountability, and peace of mind. Access control, alongside other vital safety systems like video surveillance, identity management, visitor management, panic triggers, communications, and mass notification, plays a crucial role in safeguarding facilities and the organizations they house, as well as the visitors and suppliers they interact with.

One challenge that has been observed with these valuable systems is their independent installation at different times and with diverse objectives. This autonomy often leads to fragmentation, complicating response efforts during emergencies. In critical situations, staff must quickly gather and interpret information from multiple disconnected systems to mount an effective response. Despite up-to-date standard operating procedures (SOPs), the stress and pressure of real emergencies raise doubts about the personnel’s ability to execute tasks efficiently.

Enhancing Outcomes through Access Control Integration

To ensure responders can act rapidly and decisively during emergencies in 2023, it is essential to rethink the traditional approach of standalone systems that support routine processes. During crises, such systems often lack the guidance and coordination necessary for a swift and efficient response.

A more effective strategy involves integrating related systems seamlessly. Instead of burdening staff with manual information gathering during crises, the focus should be on having integrated systems that provide unified, real-time status updates, enabling a proactive response to unexpected events. An advanced access control solution, like Maxxess eFusion, comes with over 60 off-the-shelf integrations with leading market offerings, allowing organizations to harness the full potential of integrated security systems.

Prioritizing Communication

In 2023, real-time communication is pivotal in confirming and clarifying emergent situations. Being closely connected with on-site personnel is crucial to obtain immediate input. Moreover, knowing the right actions to take is futile if the instructions cannot reach the individuals empowered to act. Organizations should consider integrating communication functions with their access control systems, leveraging solutions such as public address systems or smart-phone apps tailored to specific needs. Maxxess offers communication platforms that seamlessly integrate with access control and other security systems, ensuring effective communication during emergencies.

Embedding Accountability in the Solution

Emergencies are unwelcome but inevitable. Every organization will likely face them at some point. In light of this, it’s crucial to consider two key questions:

  1. Will your organization respond efficiently and effectively?
  2. Will your organization recover quickly and learn from the experience?

Learning from these situations is crucial for improving future responses. Access control solutions should maintain auditable records to provide a clear picture of unfolding events, actions taken, and information disseminated. These records may prove vital for confirmation, investigations, or regular reporting.

Preparation is Key

In 2023, preparing for emergencies should be a top priority for organizations. Whether installing a new access control system or enhancing an existing one, integrating automated capabilities with human expertise, keen observation, and proactive action empowers personnel to respond powerfully to emergencies. Additionally, this approach helps tackle smaller incidents before they escalate into more significant problems.

The best combination of automated access control and people-power lies at the core of effective facility security in 2023. If you want to enhance your facility’s safety and security, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a no-obligation, no-cost evaluation of your situation. Embrace the future of access control and safeguard your organization’s well-being.


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