News flash – Maxxess will assist non-profits in grant funding with our new grant team! You already know grant funding is available to help organizations improve their integrated security systems, but it’s the process that has always been a burden. Funding for security system improvements is available from a variety of sources, including governments, foundations, and more. Maxxess will assist in the grant process from ideation to execution, all the way to protecting the grant and making sure it’s used properly. Learn how you can make improvements to your constituents’ safety and security at no cost to your organization.

Funding is a Common Obstacle

From physical system expansions to software upgrades, security integrators are finding that their end user organizations are in desperate need for improved and modernized security solutions. While a few users are quite aware of these needs, others have let their security systems drift to the back burner, and when educated on the capabilities of current systems, realize that they want to buy – and quickly!

The reality is that tight budgets have always lowered the priority of any real improvements, and the current state of the world has tightened up budgets more than ever. This has made essential security improvements an uphill battle for most non-profits. Without taking action to upgrade or improve their security systems, organizations are left with outdated systems that waste time, and in the worst cases may not even protect the people and facilities that they want to protect, which can open the door for organizations being held liable for anything that may occur.

Maxxess Takes Action

We knew that there are grants available out there to help non-profits, and we also knew that many organizations may not have the time to seek out, understand, evaluate, and apply for these grants in a way that would maximize their successes. We’ve taken a more proactive stance to create a program to assist:

  • Schools
  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Police Departments
  • Hospitals
  • Other non-profits

Enormous Potential Funding for Integrated Security Upgrades

Maxxess created a grant team to dig into the grant possibilities, and we found more than 1600 possible grants – with a total value of about $1 trillion in potential funding.

This funding can be applied to a wide range of important security improvement projects, including:

  • Safe City Solutions
  • COVID Health Solutions
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Panic Systems
  • Video Integration
  • and more!

Help With Grant Applications

Maxxess’s grant team is ready to work with you to find funding to expand, replace, or improve your city’s physical security solutions. Maxxess’s Grant Program is designed to allow a city, county, or state organization to get approval to pursue grant funding by:

  1. Identifying what specific grants are available
  2. Identifying the POC who can fund the grant
  3. Building a successful grant justification paper
  4. Securing and protecting the grant funding

Schools in our area using Maxxess have secured from $500k to $2M in grant funding. The knowledge and expertise you gain during the grant writing process can be applied to future grants in other sectors as well.

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